Gambling events and fundraising
Class 1, 2 & 3 Gambling

Gambling activities and fundraising

Lotteries, instant games, housie, games of chance and prize competitions (e.g. poker and calcutta’s) are gambling activities that are regulated in Aotearoa New Zealand. All activities whether large or small will have game rules you need to follow. However, not all activities will require a licence. To find out more about the different classes of gambling, whether you need a licence or the rules for running a successful and compliant activity visit our website by following the ‘view more’ link below.

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Class 4 Gambling

Gambling in pubs and clubs (Class 4)

Gaming machines in venues such as pubs and clubs (excluding casinos) can only be operated by corporate societies whose purpose is to raise money for the community for non-commercial activities. Class 4 requires all venues and operators to be licenced. For further information follow the link ‘view more’ below.

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New Society or club licence
Casino Operator Approval Application
Certificate of Approval

Casino Certificate of Approval (COA)

Casino employees involved with gambling operations (e.g. table games dealers, cashiers, gaming supervisors or those maintaining and repairing gambling equipment) will be required to hold a Certificate of Approval (COA). If you have been offered employment at a casino, please talk to one of their representatives about this certificate or follow the link ‘view more’ for general information.

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